Join Us in Supporting a Pillar of Our Community

Join us in spreading joy and making a difference this holiday season. We are excited to share a heartwarming story that inspired The Shine Group team to come together to make Christmas a special day and make a difference for a local family that has faced much heartache. 


Meet Alberto, a devoted single father who tragically lost his wife to cancer shortly after the birth of their second child, Emily, a now delightful 4-year-old who loves dressing up and pretending to be a princess, and their son Matthew, who loves to build Legos. Matthew is now 6 years old and is learning to navigate elementary school and be a protective big brother without his mother. Despite the unimaginable heartbreak of losing his wife and the challenges of raising a family on his own, Alberto remains unwavering in his commitment to his children. He works tirelessly to provide for them, embodying the courage and resilience of a single parent who loves and protects his children.


While Alberto strives to give his children a good life, he often faces financial struggles and often will have a second job to make ends meet. His dedication to his family is unparalleled. Additionally, Alberto selflessly volunteers at his children’s daycare center and offers his services to the community. Even as a single father, he understands the importance of contributing as a member of society.


This holiday season, we have the incredible opportunity to bring joy and magic into the lives of Alberto and his two young children by giving them a truly special Christmas. Together, let’s spread peace and love to this deserving family. Please join us in making a difference in their lives together. 


Help make Alberto’s Christmas and the beginning of 2024 unforgettable! The Shine Group is supporting Alberto and his family this year, providing financial assistance and various gifts. You can join this effort by visiting our website and donating directly to Alberto’s GoFundMe page. If you prefer, you can also drop off a gift for Emily, Matthew, or Alberto at our office before December 21st at 5 pm. We aim to raise enough money to cover daycare costs and expenses for Alberto’s children, giving him more quality time with them. Your generosity will make a lasting impact on Alberto and his children. Check out our webpage to see how our team is uniting behind this cause, and we’d love to have you join us.


Finally, we sincerely thank all of our valued clients and guests for placing their trust in our businesses and selecting our services. Whether you have utilized Premier Cleaning services or enjoyed a stay at The Elk Refuge Inn, we deeply appreciate your support. It is because of your trust and patronage that we can make this initiative a reality. Our awesome team of over 100 members is thrilled to create an unforgettable Christmas for Alberto and his family. We are grateful to have you with us on this journey. 


Much love, 



Collective Action

Let’s come together as the Shine Group team to create an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for the Beristain family. Alberto, a single father, tragically lost his wife shortly after she gave birth to their daughter from Cancer. Despite facing this heartbreak, Alberto remains a devoted father, working tirelessly to support his children. He even volunteers at their daycare center. This holiday season, we have the opportunity to bring joy and magic into their lives by giving them a truly special Christmas. Join us in spreading peace and love to Alberto and his two young children. Let’s make a difference together for this deserving family!